Saturday, November 17, 2007


the leaves are turning colors, and falling. its a sign of a new season. a fresh start.
as humans, sometimes we turn away from God, and fall. but just like the trees, we can take a new start through His grace, and continue to grow always upwards towards Him.

God does not leave us abandoned. when the things we attempt to do leave us in failure, He is there with His way. when the world fails to bring us comfort, He is there with a warm embrace. when our lives lack peace, He is a continual fountain of peacefulness for us to drink from.

surrendering to the will of God can make the worst situation pale in the presence of His guidance. once we've accepted the will of God, the struggle to trust during hard times becomes so much less rabid, so much more natural. i trust Him because He is God.

Thursday, September 27, 2007

in search of faith/a swimmers toil

I swim my hardest, yet I still may drown
My kicking, searching feet still find no ground
My heart pounds, as these words in my ears:
'If you have searched well, then you will have found."

My body aches from striving all these years
My face is drenched in wretched, bitter tears
But in my heart that promise still remains:
Again, my body toils where my heart steers.

Death! I feel it! creeps within my veins
I feel it surge my heart with icy pains
What is my end? i do not understand!
I feel my hope of triumph was in vain...

Grabs my arm a warm and solid hand:
Pulls me, and my feet strike solid land:
Jagged disbelief now falls behind
As safe on Christ the solid rock i stand.

A soothing, calming strength now stays my mind
And heavenward my face, my heart inclined
I thank God that His promises are sound:
That when i seek, through Him, I'll surely find.


incluyendo castellano

no encuentro ninguna razon no hacer un blog por lo menos una parte en español, pues muchos de ustedes van a entender, y algunos que no entenderían la parte ingles, entenderán ahora.
realmente extraño la vida argentina, estoy seguro que mi vida tendra su lugar allí por lo menos un tiempo.
cada dia me levanto al saludar el dia, a veces al volver a mi camita de nuevo por un tiempo cuando tengo fiaca. eso capaz pasa con mas frecuencia que me gustaría admitir...emmm pero bueno. hago todo lo que debo.
lo que quiero contar aca es que la búsqueda para la sabiduría de Dios es el tramite mas honrable, mas valioso que puede existir. Dios dice 'primeramente busca el reino de Dios, y todo lo demas estara agregado a ti.' puedo ahogarme con mis estudios, y decir que estoy mejorándome de la mente como Dios quiere. pero si mi primera búsqueda no sea El, no me vale nada mi trabajo.
aquí esta una fotita de mi modo de vestirme cuando me voy a dormir. mentira, esto sábado de la ma
hablando de dormirme, son las doce y cuarto de la noche, y no se que hago despierto todavía. aaahhh, yo se, estoy blogeando. bueno, después escribire de cosas mas interesantes.
gracias por leer, y por favor, que me corrijan donde mi castellano me falla. quiero aprender mas!
chau! y buenas noches.

i said 'lots of pulp'; they said 'lots of pulp'

here finds me you, i am now at SAU. i'm in a very interesting part of my life: having entered what is the third year of a three-year pre-requisite course, i am also facing a fourth year after this, by some collaborative matrix of my year spent in Argentina, and my remaining and desired classes. very complicated.
chemistry happens to by taxing my mind at the moment, and it's revitalizing properties has me in the most reveling of stoicly blithering blathering moods.
i have nothing particular or interesting to recount, only that i am at southern, and enjoying such classes as photography and social psychology. my fun comes from scuba class, toiling up to the top of the biology trail to the chinup bar i strung up there, and learning as much as i can from my teachers and books.
i know i havn't posted for a long time, and i may not for a while.
or i may take an upturn. only the future as the past will tell.
for now, i say chau.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

a new blog

 it's like christmas!!! i have a new blog!
the wide range of possibilities baffles me to such an extent that i can't even think of what to write. to be honest, i'm not a huge blogger, and my life isn't drastically interesting. but friends want to read about me, and this saves me writing six hundred emails.
   this is the end of this post, and i will follow with further posts about my actual life.
read on.